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A muscle car for under $30K??

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A muscle car for under $30K??

We have spoken with quite a few muscle car dealers and sellers recently and the common consensus seems to be that the sweet spot for buying driveaway musclecar is probably around $30-$35,000.
For that, you should have a solid drive away car, that is well documented and should at the least hold its price and/or increase in value.

So as a little challenge, we thought why not wade through the car listings in secret can find something we could potentially by for around $30,000 which we will be happy to buy and drive away, confident we could enjoy all summer without any major mishaps.

So we picked classic, as they have literally thousands of muscle cars to choose from.
Below are four cars we have chosen which could be potential buy and drive away cars.

1972 Pontiac LeMans
Very rare model. Vehicle is in mint condition. 350 V8 dual exhaust.
Asking Price: $28,000
Why buy? Spotless car, will hold its value.


1974 Dodge Challenger
440 Engine with 727 Auto Transmission.
Why Buy? 74’s better built, decent engine, restored and upgraded. Looks amazing! While everyone else is tracking down that are 69 or 70’s version, this one, will still hold its price or increase with the same fun factor.


1970 Buick GSX Tribute
455 cubic inch Buick V8.
Great conversion from Skylark to GSX.
Why buy? it’s a tribute, but the car is a buy and drive away vehicle which you can sell for the same amount.
All the hard work has been done for you.

1972 Oldsmobile 442 convertible.
350ci rocket engine.
Gargaged,does mostly parades and events.
Why buy? mostly because it is an Oldsmobile and you get a lot of car for your money. This convertible you can drive all summer, enter a car show or two and still get your money back.

The most amount of choice seems to be around $30-$40,000 with some rather tasty examples!
Even though the market has slowed somewhat, you know for $30 to $40,000 you are going to get something with potentially rare options and the car which could be a weekend show car or even a trailer queen with a little work.
But our four pics should give you a summer of fun and the car that will hold its value or with a little work, make a profit.
You can buy a classic muscle car for far less and you may end up with a gem, but you have to look far harder and longer.

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