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5 American Car Brands That Need To Come Back

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5 American Car Brands That Need To Come Back

As we are near to America’s 239th birthday and American muscle cars are doing better than ever, we should have a look at those brands that are no longer with us, but produced some amazing examples of cars over the years.

These now defunct car makes still have a big following from the original cars, to fantastic tributes ( just do a search online for all the modern Pontiac tributes, some look amazing!)
Imagine, a 2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the power and handling of something like a Dodge hellcat…..hmmm, yum!

So here are five American car makes that should come back and give the public what they want.

Pontiac said farewell to everybody in 2010 after many years of mismanagement by General Motors.
Pontiac went from a respected muscle car maker with the GTO and Firebird to almost a rebadging exercise, like a rocket fizzling out to nothing.
So, with the Pontiac being part of the American landscape as any other car, I don’t see why we can’t have another Pontiac GTO and not the Pontiac Aztek! (the car Walter White droving in ‘Breaking Bad’) –

American Motors made some great cars in their time, from the quirky little compacts of the gremlin and pacer, to the great muscle cars of the javelin and AMX.
They hit the pits in 1988, but will be remembered for being more a left-field carmaker than anybody else.
Ironically, the AMC gremlin became many people’s first car for a time, arguably the vehicle we have the strongest memories with.

Before Rolls-Royce, Bentley and the Uber luxury car market, America had the Duesenberg.
Only built from 1913-1937, it nevertheless became synonymous with meaning highly impressive, awesome and the best in luxury. “It’s a duesie’ was once commonplace in everyday Americans speak.
A 2016 Duesenberg to rival Bentley or a Rolls-Royce, why not?

Packard lasted from 1899 to 1958, best known for highly exclusive and expensive car models.
Now those old vehicles immediately made me think of the Cuban car market and all their classic vehicles.
They could easily come back and challenge the luxury car market, possibly with a retro feel.

International Harvester
No, not a crop harvester an International harvester!
The international harvester Scout as a great off-road vehicle is no more, but at the time it was a great competitor to the Jeep.
A solid off-road which could easily compete in the current market.

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