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How The Whole Muscle and Hotrod Scene Started

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By Mark Weisseg

After World War Two while Europe was rebuilding, our lives became very good. The boys came home, men and in short order got married and had children. They bought houses in what we called the suburbs and generally life was pretty darn good.

It was after the kids grew up that the men started remembering there days in the war. They saw cars not seen on this soil. So, they stole the ideas and started building hot rods and other off the shelf rides. They were at times very home made and very cool. It is how we really as a nation started this craze that obviously is over sixty years old now. From the early basic hotrods to todays custom machines.

The craze eventually spread back overseas and today a lot of the countries “over there” love our American cars.
Some like the big luxury models while others love the muscle car. There were some great cars over there but our rods became instant favorites for guys who could afford to buy one and ship it over. Today, it’s still a hot item for people all around the world to get there hands on a Camaro, Mustang or Charger.

Yes, companies like Ford build right hand drive new Mustangs overseas but the real hot rod guys and gals want our style.
I saw an episode of Car Crazy from Australia or down under as they like to say. I was amazed at the amount of American muscle cars there and the amount of clubs and organizations. They have there own classics but, its still based on the love of American muscle. They love our fast muscle cars. Which brings me to my final thought. If you own a special car think world wide for your audience. People around the world are people like you and I. If they want to drive our cars that we so dearly love, give them an opportunity to buy it as well. Eh?

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