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Ford Mustang: The Last V8 Muscle Car?

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2024 Ford Mustang

If we go back in time to the late 1960s to early 1970s, could we imagine the traditional V8 engine still being around in 2024? Maybe, maybe not, but the reality is that are really the only mainstream car manufacturers who are in the running with the Mustang. In reality, most car enthusiasts still love the loud soundtrack of an American V8, but with ever-increasing fuel costs, and the unstoppable wave of Ev’s, is the Ford Mustang just holding onto an antiquated format or still representing what the public really want?

The V8 Legacy
The Ford Mustang is up for its 60th anniversary, having seen many ups and downs throughout its history. The Chevrolet Camaro stop production in December, and even the Dodge Challenger and Charger are going electric. However, the Ford Mustang is proven its sales potential across America and throughout Europe.
The unmistakable growl of a V8 engine is more than mere noise, it’s simply a template that works. The Ford Mustang’s V8 powerplant delivers not just horsepower but an emotional connection between driver and machine. The 500Hp Coyote V8 engine in the Mustang Dark Horse edition is the top of the heap, with the Mustang GT being capable of 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.

The Last of Its Kind
In an era where downsizing and turbocharging are the norm, the Mustang’s V8 engine remains defiance. It’s a throwback to an era when cubic inches mattered, and the pursuit of speed was unapologetically loud. These attributes may be resigned to be Sunday drivers, as the world slowly turns to quiet EVs, but an EV can’t put a smile on your face like a loud V8 engine can. You really need to drive one to experience the difference.

Performance and Heritage
The Ford Mustang GT, equipped with the 5.0-liter Coyote V8, churns out a robust 450 horsepower. It’s not just about straight-line speed; it’s about the way that power is delivered. The V8’s torque surge pushes you back into the seat, urging you to explore the redline.
One aspect of the V8 format that is not often talked about is rear-wheel drive. In a world where most cars are front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive gives a completely different sensation. In a rearwheel drive vehicle you are pushed rather than pulled. This provides a more seat-of-your-pants driving experience, which adds to the thrill.

Drag Strips and Quarter-Miles
The Mustang’s dragstrip prowess is legendary. From the iconic Cobra Jet to the modern GT500, Ford’s V8-powered beasts have decades of dragstrip experience.
while the original Ford Mustang template optimised the straight-line speed, the template has now matured into a vehicle in which you can drive to the dragstrip, run your best time, and then drive home confidently. With the latest driver assist technology and suspension setup, the modern Ford Mustang can handle winding racetracks just like the others.

A Cultural Icon
The Mustang is also a cultural touchstone. From Steve McQueen’s Bullitt to the silver screen stardom of Eleanor in “Gone in 60 Seconds,” the Mustang V8 has graced cinema screens and garage posters alike. It’s the embodiment of rebellion, freedom, and the open road.

The Future and Beyond
As electric vehicles silently infiltrate the market, the Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric SUV—joins the stable. many fans weren’t happy with an Ev taking its name from the V8 version, but you can see Ford’s point of view.
In some ways it’s Ford hedging their bets between the internal combustion engine and the full-blown EV to see how the public responds. In some ways, one can be seen as the daily driver with the other being enjoying full performance car was meant for. So, why can’t we have both?

The Battle for Relevance
While the Ford Mustang may be one of the few V8 platforms left, it’s not the end of days. The public still wants the V8 platform, new or old, with plenty of classic-era V8s always available on the used market.
The Ford Mustang may be carrying on what can be seen as an antiquated format, but it simply works, and works well, which is why they are not going away anytime soon…


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