An Absolute Legend Has Built An Off-Roading Dodge Viper

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In the realm of automotive audacity, one man has taken the concept of off-roading to a whole new level. Meet Matt Brown, better known as SuperfastMatt, a YouTuber with a penchant for pushing boundaries. His latest creation? An off-road Dodge Viper.

The Unlikely Marriage: Viper Meets Desert

The idea of mixing high end sports car with off-roading is nothing new, such as the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, and Porsche 911 Dakar. A Dodge Viper, – an 8.0-liter V10-powered beast, is not the obvious choice. But somehow he has made the concept work.

The Birth of a Desert-Devouring Monster

Creating this off-road Viper took over a year of work. Here’s how he did it:

Custom Long-Travel Suspension: Bump stops and long travel suspension.

Jeep DNA: The rear axle and locking differential from a Jeep Wrangler found their way into the Viper’s underbelly, ensuring it could tackle rugged terrain.

Enormous All-Terrain Tires: Forget low-profile rubber; Matt slapped on massive all-terrain tires that could conquer sand, rocks, and anything else the desert threw at them.

Body Modifications: The Viper’s body underwent strategic surgery to accommodate those colossal tires. Underbody armor and improved approach and departure angles completed the transformation.

Desert Shakedown: Viper vs. Raptor

With the fundamentals in place, Matt took his creation to the desert for a shakedown run. Alongside him was a Ford F-150 Raptor, a worthy benchmark. Here’s what went down:

Doughnuts: Minimal effort for the Viper – rear-wheel drive, loose surface, and a cloud of dust.
Hillclimbing: The Viper scrambled up steep, slippery hills, proving its mettle.
Whoops: Those washboard ruts on dirt trails? The Viper danced through them.
Jumps: Serious airtime – the Viper soared, except for the custom steering arms that need fine-tuning.
Drag Race: Against the Raptor – a showdown that defies expectations.
Plane Race: Because why not? The Viper’s audacity knows no bounds.


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