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What 707 Dodge Hellcat Horses Actually Looks Like

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by Dave Ashton

When Dodge first announced the Dodge Hellcat with 707HP, I always wondered what 707 horses would actually look like. I wasn’t yearning to observe the internal cylinder capacity of the engine, pistons, or bore. Rather what would the equivalent pulling power of 707 actual living pony’s look like in the real world.

Without going into all the technical maths behind the horsepower as a unit, 1HP is equivalent to 745.7 watts or one mechanical horsepower can lift 550 pounds in the air by one foot in one second. The concept started in the age of steam engines and has become the standard for measuring the power of the average car engine.

This means that horsepower as a unit is not as arbitrary as many people think. We are now morphing into the times of measuring car output power by kWs, but what would all that pony power look like in reality?

Visualizing Pony Power

The idea of creating the graphic below of 707 ponies pulling a Dodge Hellcat came about after watching the WhistlinDiesel guys video as below. Sticking horse buggy wheels on a Dodge Hellcat is one thing, but if you wanted to go fully retro., why not have the equivalent amount of ponies pulling the car.

In the graphic, each group is made up of a hundred horses, with the small little clump being the seven extra. Even if a car had just 100 horses of pulling power, that’s a lot of potential garden fertilizer they could throw out. Not to mention the cost of grazing and re-shoeing.

Dodge Hellcat

In any case, we hope that the graphic gives a small appreciation of not just how much pulling power the Dodge Hellcat can provide. But also the historical worth of the pony as literally, pardon the pun, our best workhorse.


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