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The Only Example of a FE5 Rallye Red Plymouth Superbird Discovered

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Plymouth Superbird

By Dave Ashton

The very distinctive looking Plymouth Superbird is no ordinary car. Built to blast around the NASCAR circuit at 200 mph+ in 1970, the ‘aero warrior’ was built for the track. But the roadgoing versions were just a little bit too distinctive for most people’s tastes of the time. Little did people know at the time that the Superbird would turn into a high-value classic. Now, a FE5 Rallye Red Plymouth Superbird has been uncovered as possibly the only example in this color.

With only around 1,935 examples of the Superbird being built at the time, this made the car an instant rarity. The guys over at Classic Car Cowboy, a Texas-based outfit, had the car checked out on behalf of the owner. David Wise of MMC Detroit, was the Mopar expert in charge of the task, who had to sift through the faded serial numbers. After lots of careful consideration, the car was deemed genuine and the only Superbird to be given a FE5 Rallye Red paint job.

Plymouth Superbird

The FE5 Rallye Red color may have been a popular choice on the likes of a Roadrunner or Barracuda, but on a Superbird it’s quite the rarity. The full specifications of the car would have been interesting to know from the video. But any other rare options are bound to come out in due course.


The next stage in the process is to perform a full powertrain restoration. The Superbird will then be hopefully displayed at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in July. After which the full restoration process can commence bringing the car back to its former glory.

The thing to note in the very short video below is the ask for donations is presented as a joke. The clue is in the title of the video where they state, ‘ joke, joke, not asking for money.’ This is worth mentioning as it’s easy to misconstrued their intentions. It’s also worth mentioning as it could save you some time commenting on this point on their video page.

No matter your thoughts on the presentation of the Superbird in the video, the car is a one-off classic that is sure to fetch big numbers at auction.

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