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The Car Show Shuffle

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By Mark Weisseg

One of the best things for me going to any car show is seeing all the various vehicles. Geez, just look at the picture above. The old Chevy truck if my memory serves me was a barn find 37 model. But more importantly look what is next to the truck and near the truck.

This is what makes car shows great.
I mean if we went and everything was a 67 Riveria or a 59 Edsel we would stay about fifteen minutes and then go bowling. The variety that exists and the way we choose to present our classics is what we are all about. We come from different backgrounds, neighborhoods, education and so much more. One person will take that 68 Barracuda and restore it to OEM standards while another with drop a 572 crate engine in it and spice up everything.
I always marvel at chrome. Not that I am spell bound by shiny things and I need a life, but the cost of a chrome master cylinder, a chrome intake, or a chrome alternator just gets my bankroll in my head spinning.

You know as well as I that for those of us that suffer through snow, ice, sleet, gray skies and rain all winter long come up with ideas for the next season. You can bet somebody somewhere is buying, building, or modifying something to spring on us next year. For those of you in warm climates, you do the same but maybe at night with a flashlight so nobody sees what you are up to.

Me personally, I have some vehicles that I made sure they are as they were when built. I always get the question about converting a six volt to a twelve volt on my 49. I resist on this one because it is only original once and they made gazillions of cars and trucks for years that ran on six volt systems. I have other vehicles that I have modified to my tastes and they are not original anymore. It’s my car and I will do what I want!

Don’t we all hear someone at a show say,”if I had that car I would”…… I always reply, ” then go buy one and do it” Silence usually follows.

The point is our hobby is open to anyone with a dream to fulfill. Go to a car show and see all the models, makes, colors, wheel packages, and so on.
I once met a guy that was into the big four door ’68 Dodge trucks. I can tell you he was in love and I appreciated his love for that model but I did not directly relate to it. Does it matter that I didn’t get it? Of course not. That is the intention of our hobby. Bring what you want and display your hardware.

I cannot wait for spring already.

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