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The Importance Of A Restoration Partner

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By Mark Weisseg

When my brother Craig was tearing down my 49 truck we had already made many decisions. Craig stuck to my plan even if at times he did not agree one hundred percent. But, for fairness he also proceeded well without me being there because he knows me and knows what I like. He did not have time nor did I to have him calling me 14 times a day with questions. I trusted him then and I trust him now.

However, he had the dash completely apart and was going to do some re wiring and other important tasks with the dash apart. ( please note he discovered this dash was welded in from the factory). He found that out as he considered taking everything out down to the cab but after seeing the welds thought he should not go there.
Anyway, one of the rare phone calls was about this dash. Not asking for advice or to change something major but the question was so simple but important.

If you want to paint the dash now is the time he said. Everything is out and it could easily sanded and painted. Now is the time.

Well, that call and question got me thinking. Should I at least paint the dash that green that was of the original color. Boy, it would lighten up the interior and everything would look so fresh. And, if I ever decide to get away from the Patina look and paint the exterior the interior would already be done. Gosh, Golly, I was at a position of making a big decision that is so important to the truck.

I asked him what he thought because as I stated before I trust nobody but him restoring my cars and trucks. He’s my brother and I trust him in every way. He goes on to say he will do whatever I desire but he reminded me that it was my desire all along to have a Patina truck. If he paints the dash it will look bad because the rest of the truck will not match. I took a deep breath and knew he was right. I just needed my trusted brother to reassure me I was following my heart.

The obvious happened and I told him not to paint it and I never regretted that decision. I love my Patina style truck inside and out. The truck gets thumbs up everywhere it goes and as I mentioned once before it gets a lot of attention. The truck and my brother have been interviewed by newspapers, the truck is on many web sites, and is a star by itself.

My point is when you are doing a restoration you will make dozens of decisions that will affect the outcome. My advice is to follow your heart and have someone like my brother who you can trust. His opinions are invaluable to me and as he is now about fifty percent done with my latest project. I rest easy it is in his hands. We all know when you do these projects it takes money, patience, and most of all the right partner to see you through the tough spots.

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