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Knowing People Who Can Fix Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

Recently while driving my ’69 Roadrunner I finally had enough of the bad windshield. The entire car was restored but the original glass was still in use.

However, all these years later the front glass was pock marked and dulling. I did not want to replace the glass because of the originality but it was becoming harder and harder to see clearly. I tried all the products I could find to buff out the glass but nothing worked.

So, I gave up the ghost and called my insurance company to ask for advice. I knew this job was above my pay grade so I needed help finding someone who did these with care. The agent came up with two names right away. Both are big name glass companies so as long as I can find the right guy or gal to do it I am in.

I personally went to the first company and asked the guy would they do it and how much. He said they would not do it. They have a policy that forbids them from doing classics because of liability. Say they slip and scratch the paint or a moulding breaks the owner will have kittens and charge them for the repairs. They wanted no part of it and got a bit testy as I pushed them. Finally, I threw in the towel and left.

The second company was different. I called them and spoke to a local gal about my car and what I wanted. She gleefully said they would do it and the guy they would send out had 30 plus years of experience. Sounds great so far, right?

Three days later he showed up right on time, looked it over and proclaimed no issues would happen. He prepped the area, popped out the old windshield ( which was worse than I thought) and popped in the new one. He cleaned up, vacuumed the interior, cleaned his finger prints and asked if I was happy. It took him less than 45 minutes. I could not believe how fast, easy, and simple he made it look. I was overjoyed the first time I drove the car that I could now actually see things that I did not before.

My point is an obvious one. Some things you can and will do yourself. But, some items are above your talent level and you better have a Rolodex of names and numbers of people you can trust. It is getting harder to find veteran help to assist you. In fact the guy that did my windshield said the younger guys working at this company were not even born when we drove this car new. He proceeded to tell me he may be the last one that could do this job at his branch office. We all see that issue everywhere today if your classic needs help. It is very difficult to find a qualified person to work on your ride. Once, I had to explain points, and condenser to a young mechanic. Not his fault but when he entered the business nobody taught this anymore because obviously they do not exist anymore.

If one of these younger guys would learn about the older engines and transmissions he would never starve. If you find a good tech in your area please pass on the word and help your fellow classic car owners.


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