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Pick Of The Day: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, 426 Hemi, 500HP

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Engine: 426 cu in (7.0 l) Hemi V8.
Transmission: 4-speed Manual.
Dana 60 limited slip differential with 3.57 gear ratio.
Mileage: 76,457.
Price: US $55,000.00

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Although this RoadRunner has had a replacement engine, it is a 426 Hemi and the fact that the car looks incredible and a total and utter blinkered view by myself, makes this the pick of the day.
Roadrunners always looked like those solid, beefed up cars that could smash through a brick wall and not even feel it, a perfect muscle car, but here we are talking about if the car is worth buying or not.

This particular Plymouth Roadrunner example is a fine example of the breed and probably condition 1. Road Runners are no longer cheap and come into the same category as the rest of the rare muscle cars, so from scarcity alone, probably worth every dollar.

Can you buy cheaper? Yes, but it may not have the same meticulous, attention to detail and very simply, it may not be a Roadrunner as fine as this one.

Fine in every way and if you are on the lookout for Plymouth Road Runner, this one may be just what you’re looking for.

‘The car’s original 383 cu in (6.3 L) 335 hp V8 engine was removed and replaced with a highly desirable 1966 Chrysler 426 cu in (7.0 l) Hemi V8 engine.’
‘There are only a couple thousand miles on the 426 engine since it was installed.’
‘he vehicle was repainted in its original Limelight Green color which makes this car absolutely mesmerizing to look at from every angle. ‘
‘Original options which have been improved or restored include: leather bucket seats, the original console, the original pistol grip shifter, etc. The car also includes power steering and disc brakes (both original options) but power brakes were removed during the restoration.’

‘Both quarter panels were completely replaced and the original Warner Brothers Road Runner stickers were re-applied on the exterior and inside the vehicle. We can provide documentation supporting the majority of the restoration process.’


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