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1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge, Liberty Blue Parchment, 1 of 1

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Engine: 400 RAIV.
Transmission: PQ-69
Interior Color: Parchment blue.
Price: US $135,000.00

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This particular 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge is 1 of 58 RAIV Judge Automatics built in 1969, claiming to be 1 of 1 due to its combination of RAIV and Liberty Blue Parchment Interior, on the Column Automatic With Bench Seat, known to exist.

A thorough restoration has been performed and this is really as good as it gets for a GTO Judge. The only deciding factor is the price.
Haggett’s report, which doesn’t take into account the rarer options of this vehicle, comes in at an average price of $103,057, with a condition 1 being $182,000.

Is it worth the money? To a GTO Judge fan, obviously, but the asking price is probably bang on, which means the deciding factor is, how much do you want this car?

Either way, for a GTO Judge fan, this is probably as rare as you can get.

‘1969 GTO Judge RAIV Liberty Blue Parchment Interior On the Column Automatic W\Bench Seat.’
‘One of the last RAIV cars built in 1969. ‘
‘There were 58 RAIV Judge Automatics built in 1969. This is 1 of 58 and the only one built with this configuration in the judge registry known to exist.’
‘This car was restored by Z&Z Restoration – the same team that completed the “Bar None Trans AM”. ‘
‘A complete hand restoration was completed starting with a body acid bath then a complete by hand rotisserie restoration. Frame and Radiator Support are powder coated.’


Car Shipped July 14, 1969
Block – 979-2506 XP matching VIN#, Dated F059 (June 5, 1969)
Heads – #722
Carb 7029270 Dated 1783 (Service Replacement 178th Day of 1973) W\7037174 Lower Throttle Body
Distributor 1111941 Dated 9A6 (January 6, 1969)
Radiator Tag(s) 319211 and XK 74 PB
Water Pump 488288
Manifold 9796614 Dated April 22, 1969
Alternator 1100704 Dated 8G3 (July 3, 1968)
Starter 1107355 Dated 9F5 (June 5, 1969)
Transmission PQ-69
Car has matched set of (5) JA dated wheels particular to this car.

Motor Built by Cappellano Performance

RAIV Motor Internals
Keith Black +.30 Forged Flat Top Pitons W/6.625 I-Beam 5140 Forged Replacement Rods
Butler Pro Oil Pump
Comp Cam RAIV Stock Replacement Cam 51-116-3
Cometic Head Gaskets
Original Pontiac Crank
NOS RAIV Lifters
NOS RAIV Rockers and Pushrods with NOS RAIV Oil Splashers (How Many of these have you seen?)


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