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1967 Ford Mustang, 1 of 1

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: 7R03C224152
Engine: 289-2V C-code V8
Transmission: C-4 Automatic
Mileage: 49,336
Exterior Color: Wimbledon White (originally I-Code Lime Gold)
Interior: Tan (originally 2G-Code Ivy Gold)
Price: $18,800.00


This sweet looking 1967 Ford Mustang is in pretty good condition and boasts being 1 of 1 according to its Marti Report. Out of the 472,209 Mustangs built in 1967, this is the only one with black paint stripes on a convertible. However, the car has been re-painted sometime in the past from its original Lime Gold with black stripes to the white you see today. The interior has also been changed along the way from Ivy gold to tan.

The rest of the car is in relatively good condition and the bonus is that Mustang parts are the easiest to get hold of, making a restoration job relatively straightforward at least for sourcing parts. The exterior of the car is in good shape, with only a few signs of rust bubbling through the paintwork on the doors. The underside of the car has only surface rust which can be easily rectified. The car also features the Sport Sprint Package and functional hood scoops, all along with the white power top with glass Backlite, courtesy light group, power steering and A/C, AM radio, tinted glass and even deluxe seat belts. The engine is said to be relatively good order and drives fine.

Being a convertible and 1 of 1 means that this Mustang stands out from the rest and taken back to completely original condition, you could potentially double your money. It’s really the question of if you want to put in a small amount of work make this a regular driver or take it back to its original condition to make it worth its top value. Either way, this is a sweet little Mustang and with its verified originality is probably worth the money to take back to how it rolled from the factory.





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