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Pick Of The Day: 1969 Ford Mustang Resto Mod 450hp

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Engine: 351 Windsor (Paxton blower).
Transmission: Automatic
Price: US $69,000.00 (11th Oct. 2015)

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Here we have one of the finest Mustang resto mods you will find, the question is, is it worthy enough to buy.

There will always be an argument between restoring a car to keep everything original or turning a car into a resto mod to get the best of the old and the new.
Both have their plus and minus points, but the restomod route will at least give you upgrades like the latest brakes and suspension, giving you that bit more confidence, but when the results come out like this vehicle, you can see they made the right decision.

The upgrade list in this car is a little like someone whispering sweet nothings into your ear, but most of all the exterior makes this pony look like the sharpest and meanest around.
It’s not everybody’s thing to have a sinister looking vehicle or even one that looks like a sleeper, but there is a certain something with having an understated exterior. A bit like knowing what you’ve got, without having to shout about it.

Keep your eye on this one.

‘All body work hand fabricated in metal, built by an east coast car building legend, with no kit part add-ons.’
‘Original, matching numbers, black body, was custom built and freshly painted on a unmolested, restored California original.’
‘New custom aluminum 18″ wheels with 300 series wide tires & custom body fender flares.’
‘All new adjustable height suspension with Mustang 2 front end, rack and pinion steering, sway bar & all disk brakes.’
‘Undercarriage like new, detailed, never rusted or damaged. Car tracks straight, with responsive handling and great acceleration and stopping power.’


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