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Which Mustang Cobra Do You Choose?

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By Mark Weisseg

Here we have three badass Mustang front ends to choose from. Colors mean everything if you are going after a certain situation. I doubt you would try to order plum crazy purple on a Chrysler Mini van but you certainly would when buying a Challenger. Same with the Stang.

Guys go out and buy a pure white Mustang and yes it is a Mustang but nobody gives it a second look. So, the owner puts crappy stripes on it to make it look meaner but it looks silly and out of place. Me, I have a Shelby and I went right to a badass dark blue with the white stripes from the factory that go down the length of the car. It makes the already 662 hp that much nastier. My other Mustang GT is jet black with American muscle chrome wheels. It’s a head turner as well. So, what’s my point?

My point is if you are going to play in the big leagues with a Mustang Cobra like what is shown here, or a Camaro and/or a Mopar hot rod you must do certain things right. First, buy the engine you really want and not a smaller one that you pretend is much bigger. Buy the right color as I mentioned above. A hot rod with a vanilla color just is a snoozer.

The key to your driving satisfaction here in that if you don’t opt for the leather you will be sorry. Hot rods today must fit the part. They have navigation systems and hands free phones. Satellite stereos in them and quality seats. Why bother buying a car you think is a hot rod and it’s not? Sure it is going to cost more and you will need your wife’s permission most of the time but, grow a pair and get in with both feet or park in the spectator lot. To me, there is nothing worse than a guy who thinks he has a bad ass hot rod and it really is an every day driver to the grocery store.

Hot rods are meant to be different. They look and handle different than the wife’s Kia. Your insurance is higher and so is your fuel costs. A few years ago some goofy kid tried to convince me his Ford was cool. What was it? A Ford Crown Victoria he inherited from his Grandmother. Just because he had a 5.0 or a 302 he was convinced he belonged.

Our hobby is open to anyone but either you are in or out with both feet. Please do not embarrass yourself showing up in a daily driver Mustang and pretend you have something of value. You don’t. Some pin head showed up last year with a stock Challenger with a V6. The lowest of the lows. But, since it was a Challenger he felt it should be part of the show. Another phony.
He talked a good talk about all the people he knew from 30 plus years ago and all this so called current knowledge of cars but a V 6 stock Challenger? It’s very hard for the people who operate the show to determine what should be in or out. The show I attend fills up fast and some guys get turned away at some point with legit hot rods because some clown still living in the past showed up two hours early with his vanilla white cheap Mustang.

My point is a simple one. If you want to be on the team you must buy the right cleats and correct shoulder pads. If not you are going to get creamed. Same as the fast muscle car hobby. I am in deep with the hot rods. True to the bone hot rods. No fakes or want to be’s. Shouldn’t you really open up a slot for the guy or gal that really spent the money and did it right?

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