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How We Used To Advertise And Sell Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

For all you youngsters I wanted to refresh your memory on how we used to get the word out on our car products.
I know today we use Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and of course some radio and TV. But, back in the day we did not have the luxury of computers or instant messaging. We relied on many other forms of advertising that today seem very crazy.

Can you imagine driving this truck up and down streets with a recorded message blaring out of the huge speakers? How stupid, huh? Well, just for the record that same thing is going on today in 2016.

I go to Las Vegas every year and every time I see small trucks driving up and down the strip with giant billboards strapped on the back of a truck. What do they advertise?
Red bull is one and all the others are what is going on at the different casinos. So you see it’s not much different all these years later. The only difference is the trucks in Vegas cannot blar music or someone with a pre recorded message. All they can do is drive up and down the strip with the hopes someone will see the big ads.

You see as we evolve, most things stay the same just in different forms. My point is the old sedan delivery truck is selling Coke and we all know Coke is the number one soft drink. So, for all you young wizards that think your method is new and the latest you better go and check the facts. Same is true with cars. Certainly some things like a Nav system is cool but we had maps you read and did not need to have another voice in the car yelling at you to turn left into a river. A map was read and you followed the map. The map was fool proof as long as you had updated information. Same as a Navigation system.

In my short life even though young people would consider me old I watched the car industry change from drum brakes to disc brakes. Carburetors to fuel injection. Bias ply tires to radials. Ash trays in cars as standard to no ash trays. Cigarette lighters to plug ins for your gadgets. Gas caps to none at all. Wiper blades with one speed to rain sensing blades, full size spare tires to none at all, glass windows to full tinted windows, roll down windows to power windows, steering wheel in one position to many, seats that did not move to six way and more, vinyl bench seats to heated and air conditioned seats, a plastic steering wheel to a heated leather steering wheel, two keys per car to one key on a fob, steering wheel locks to a parameter alarm system, hub caps only to all Ralley wheels, a transmission dipstick to none, a bag to pour your washer fluid in to a one gallon plastic container that heats the fluid, six volt systems to twelve volt systems, a/c as standard from rolling down the windows, turning the hubs to activate the four wheel drive to pushing a button, and so on and so on.

It’s stunning how far we have come in our automotive history. If guys like the Dodge Brothers or Henry Ford were alive I wonder if they could grasp all that has changed in a very short amount of time. But one thing that has not changed is our desire to do more, build better, spread the word quicker, and make a profit doing it. The big gears keep turning and the automotive world will only get better and better as we trudge along. Fast Muscle cars will be on the cutting edge of the continual revolution but we will never lose sight of the classics. One can never move forward unless you understand where and how we started. It’s fun to be involved so buckle up and let’s roll.

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