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Muscle Cars: To Clone or Not to Clone.

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By Mark Weisseg

Clone cars, tributes, cars built to look like other vehicles can be fine line.
Check out the image here. What makes someone take a ordinary Plymouth, fit awful side pipes, lousy cheap chrome wheels and a wing like a Superbird or Daytona? At some point the car was pushed aside and a tarp put over. Was it to hide the terrible looking car, or was it tarped for another day? Who knows but it made me think about the cost of such a project.

I often hear people say they did not do this or that on a car because of the lack of money. Looking at this car I get the feeling someone decided they could not afford a Bird or a Daytona so they kind of made one. Clones are everywhere today and I tip my hat to those people because most of us cannot afford a real Shelby Cobra, so we buy a replica or make one of our own. It saves a ton of money and the driver feels good because he got the closest thing to a real AC. I understand that but, take a Plymouth and add all these tacky, cheap items to make I guess, a Superbird. Nobody is going to be fooled.
Building a clone, replica of tribute car is very detailed work. Some clone cars today are so good it’s hard to tell them apart from the real deal.

Last year I met a guy that was doing a clone of a ’65 Mustang GT350. He could not afford to buy the real deal, so he spend thousands and thousands of dollars and untold hours building his own. I admit he did a great job. He seemed to be happy and such but he admitted he still wished it was the real deal.
So, I got to thinking that all that money he poured into the tribute, could he have used all that money to buy the real deal or put a hefty down payment on one?
I don’t know the answer for sure as I did not pin him down to what kind of money he spent but, it was a lot.

This brings me to another guy that I know well. He has his heart set on a specific car and it appears he may never get it. Why? Well, he wants to pay cash for it and it’s a lot of money. I suggested he do like many of us and get a low interest loan and get his life long dream car and make payments. People do it for pools, additions to the house, College costs and a host of other items. Why not for your dream car?
You only Live and die once and you will be dead much longer than you are alive. So, why not get your dream once you have taken care of all the necessities of life? Why always be a consolation prize? Nobody said you need to keep it forever but, I would dread being 90 years old some day and regretting I never got my dream car because I was to cautious.
If you do not take a chance on something you never will succeed. We all have been taught or told of the people who succeeded greatly in life that they had many failures before hitting the big time. So, instead of hacking together a piece meal car and never getting even close to your dream is a big error of judgement.

Back to the car in the photo, if you were to drive this mess down the street others will stare you down and wonder where you got your stupid from. A little more sensible saving of funds or a sensible loan, may have resulted in a far better car. Rots a Ruck with that one.

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