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Muscle Car Colors: The Purple People Eater

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By Mark Weisseg

It is obvious much has been done to this car to make it a very cool hot rod but I am concerned about the color. I have it in my little brain that only certain Mopar’s can use this color and get away with it.

The hood is cool, obviously much thought went into the brakes and wheels along with the Radial tires, but I cannot get my eyes to look the other way.
I know we had plum crazy back in the 70’s and revived on some of the modern muscle cars. Now, when I see plum crazy I think of a Challenger or Charger.
We do not know what monster is under that hood but my guess would be some sort of crate engine. I say that as I look at the rest of the car in awe and know who ever did this car spared no expense. Is purple or plum crazy the right color? That is for you to decide and I am not beating the guy up, as whoever painted the car did a great job.

Maybe I need to get my attitude straightened out here and embrace this color on this particular car. It was done right and done with all the modern packages offered today and purple is cool, but…..

What would it have looked like in red, or yellow, or a B5 blue? Today, you can Photoshop your car which is a great tool. There are plenty of web sites where you can upload a picture of your car then try all kind of colors to see what fits your tastes. Sure beats the heck out of spraying half the car then yelling “Stop”.

Color is very important on a car, especially when you’ve parted with a few dollars. Colors may change with the fashion of the day, we all have our own preferences, but the main takeaway here is to use technology to try out as many color combos as possible, before deciding on a final colour. you will always have people who dislike your final choice, but as long as you are finally happy after much experimenting, that’s the point.

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