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Shelby Fever At The Shelby Museum, Las Vegas.

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By Mark Weisseg

I was recently at the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas. It was a very hot day. Humid no, Hot yes, but it was worth it for the Shelby spectacular on show.

A friend of mine impersonates Elvis Presley at the Welcome to Las Vegas on a regular basis suggested I go just down the street and get my fix of all the Shelbys in the huge building.
He said it’s free and they have guided tours. There is a gift shop that we over spent, cars on display and cars for sale. The walls are covered with all kinds of Shelby things that make your heart skip a beat, so it was worth the effort.

I admit I was taken in the moment I walked in the door. The history, the story, the career and the man, all were part of our very fabric. Even if you do not like Fords, you must love the fact that Mr Shelby came from nothing and built an empire.

We did the full tour and my eyes and ears were scanning everything as I thought I might not ever go back. Thankfully, I have been back several times since. The tour is the same but they move certain cars around. If you listen, you can hear the staff in the huge parking lot doing burnouts or testing other components. The place is total heaven for those of us that live Mustangs. To be clear, I own one and I also own a Mopar and GM products just to be fair with all the brands. No rice burners in my collection I am proud to say.

Essentially, if you’re Shelby fan, you need to get down to the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas. It’s that simple.

Anyone who is a Mustang person always has a terrible desire to have a Shelby. Pick yourself up a new Mustang GT350 and those cars are fast straight and will corner like you are stuck to the ground. I like all three of the modern muscle cars very much but I do not feel like I have succeeded in my life until I can say I have a Shelby in my garage. Those are just the facts.

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