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Spring Is In The Air: Time To Hit The Road.

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By Mark Weisseg

A few warm sunny days here in the Northeast and guys are starting to get antsy to get their hot rods and the like back on the road.
Over the winter months, most muscle cars are covered up, but some stay covered up. 30 years later, they become those rare barn finds.

I go into my garage and there sits the hot rod. All covered up, looking lost and lonely. I make sure I don’t pile things on top of the cover as that could start a bad trend. You know, you drive by a house and see a car or what you think is a car covered up in blankets. On top of the blankets are boxes, totes, toys, kids, donkeys, and other things that do not belong. The owner gives up on ever seeing the car ever again and two years later it is nearly forgotten. Ten years later it becomes a barn find and you scratch your head and wonder how it happened.

This old cat is not going to let that happen. I just got an email today from a friend that asked me if I was ready. Ready? Jeepers, I was never unready. I dreaded when last season came to an end and I mope around the house mumbling to myself with a three day beard in my pajamas asking what the white stuff is outside the window.

The winter months can seem long, especially when you can’t play with your favorite toy. Also bear in mind that the car shouldn’t be covered up and then left in that state. In some respects, this may be a good thing, as they do later lead to rare, future finds, but in general, a car is built to be driven, and that should always be the case.

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