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The Excitement Of A Muscle Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

I wish I could go to the top of the mountain and yell my lungs out for the world to hear this. But, I love finding a new project, field find or car needing restoring. Not just a 1970 Torino but, the whole concept of a project.

When I see cars like this one, others see junk. I see beauty and I see a story and history. I want to know who owned it, how long, what was it used for, when did it get parked and how are we going to get this baby back on the road. If we don’t the car will either rot away or go to a crusher. Either way we lose on the last two options.

This kind of car makes me tick. I could make a laundry list of how it will come apart and how it will go back together. We will install a vinyl roof again, paint it again and we will put the stripe back on it. The chrome can be redone and the interior will be torn out, cleaned and we will make sure everything goes back right. When I say right, I mean for this car we will put it back together like it was 1970 again. It’s not a Starsky and Hutch red and white Torino but these were cool cars back then.
They had style, power, lots of cool options and best of all, the car was the best of both worlds. It would go fast if you wanted it to and it’s ride was very nice for that special Friday night out.

A friend of mine since Kindergarten had one of these. He is a friend since I was five years old. We live on opposite coasts today but stay in touch. He had a brown one with stripes. He and I drove that Torino to Miami, Florida and back as teenagers with lots of issues and fun along the way. I wonder to this day if the South Carolina Police are still looking for us….

To return to the point, I am praying someone gets this car and puts it back right. They are not highly collectible or sought after but if you want to experience a great car from the 70’s this would be it.
If you do it I will throw in some secret memories that may really get you excited to finish her and drive south in all its glory.

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