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Muscle Car Talk: Drive it Hard, but Safely.

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You don’t need to know anything about transmissions to know old Tex here in the picture is in big trouble. This cat must have leaned hard on the old Mopar to get these results.

However, I am cool with that because it means someone was driving the car like they should. Nothing worse than seeing a hot rod driven like a hearse. Lots of guys do it today. They go out and either buy some new hot rod like a Hellcat and drive it like a flower car. They restore a fast muscle car then and drive like its the Grandmothers four door sedan.

The excuse is they did not want to break it or wear something out. In that case they should have restored a Pinto or bought a new Toyota Corolla. Why have all that horsepower and such and then quickly ease on down the road?
Hell no from this boy. When I start one of my classics, all my neighbors know I am going out and they sure as heck know when I get back. I am driving some hard ass American muscle car. I am in this hobby because I love the older cars and what they stood for. I am going to do a burn out, I am going to be loud and I am going to make sure you remember my ass when I leave.
It’s why the new Mustang is taking off in sales around Europe. They want to be loud and proud and not break the bank doing so.

I like the idea of conservation of all our resources and I like many new ideas for our planet. But drive a wind or solar car? Drive an electric car that will give me a range of 35 miles before I plug it in again? Not a chance. The only electric car that gets me excited is the Telsa. I know it takes coal to run the plants that provide the electricity to plug the car in, so I am not completely sold on the concept as yet.

In the meantime I don’t care what kind of miles per gallon I get or how many barrels of oil the car uses in its lifetime. Industry chews up more oil than all the muscle cars ever made, but that’s another story.
I want to turn that key and hear a roar out the back that will make you back away. I want you to hear me coming from a mile away.

Driven hard, there is nothing like American muscle, but it also has to be driven safely.
There have been some recent videos going around social media of Mustangs coming out of car shows, losing control and totalling their cars and others.
That’s not driving a car hard, it showboating and not respecting the power of the vehicle. Basically, it comes down to driving skills.
Learn to get the most power and excitement from your vehicle, do it safely and in a controlled environment, ideally on a track, under proper tuition. Then you’ll see the true potency of an American muscle car.

By Mark Weisseg

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