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Muscle Car Talk: Making The Most Of The Resources At Hand

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By Mark Weisseg

Hopefully, the attached image has stopped you in your tracks. Literally.
The scene is rail biking in 1870 and it’s really to highlight the fact of necessity is the mother of invention.

The images is to highlight what we have to do sometimes in our own hobby.
Sometimes panels don’t fit correctly, a newly purchased part needs to be adjusted or just a change needs to be made. Sometimes on the fly we are all cornered and need to figure it out. Can’t take it back, or it’s the only one you found.
We have to sometimes work with what we have at hand and nothing else.
When we are limited with our resources, we get creative and that’s when the magic happens. Innovations are made. They may not always be the right solutions, but it does get the creative juices flowing.

We brainstorm, ask others for help or advice and today we Google everything. We hope some other poor guy before us had the same problem and gives the answer to get us out of the jam.
Sometimes we get lucky while other times we are on our own to figure out a way to make something work better, faster or stronger.
In some ways, it’s how cars of old were developed. Taking a basic formula and getting creative.

The guys in the attached image obviously had limited resources. They came up with an idea and put it into practice. It may seems a bit ridiculous today, but what if personal rail systems became the transportation of choice for humans back in the day, instead of the car? Instead of looking back at the model T, we look back at images like this as our first means of transport?
We don’t suggest ripping up your beloved muscle car and making it rail worthy (a muscle train??) but it’s to highlight the point of thinking outside the box in our hobby.

This picture made me realize how many times I had to ‘rig’ my way through something and somehow it worked. It also can for you.

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