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Lusting After An Old Hemi

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By Mark Weisseg

I have mentioned before I desire a Coronet or a GTX as a daily driver. So, last night at the car show this old man and lady come in as slow as a old turtle and park. I heard a slight rumble so I knew it was not a six cylinder under the hood. I let the very old skinny man park his car and get situated before I attacked.

Once I saw he was sitting and comfortable I made my way over. I thought as I was walking over this old buzzard will be easy to talk to. He looks like he is a hundred years old. So, as my heart raced as I got up to the car. The hood was open and I stuck my big ears in under the hood. And there she was. A real Hemi car. Gulp.
I am in deep trouble now as I guessed he had a 440 or maybe a 383 under there. So, it’s a real live Hemi car. I walked over and introduced myself and made small talk. Finally, I popped the question of a possible sale. Through his wooden dentures he said he was not interested yet but when he was, expect over 100k. At that point I was looking for my way out. As bad as I want one I don’t have an extra 100k plus laying in the drawer. Exit stage left and I walked right into my friend with his 63 stock Corvette. I whined a bit but said I would keep looking for that daily driver I desire.

But folks, I really thought it was going to be easy. This guy was a dinosaur so how much longer could he drive. He had the seat all the way up and the steering wheel just about rubbed his nipples. I lose. But, like all of us the mission is not over. Just for tonight.

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