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A Magnificent 1970 Olds 98

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By Mark Weisseg

I mentioned before I found myself on Beale street in Memphis recently and was walking back to the hotel and saw this. Let me set the stage for you.

If you do not know it, Memphis is famous for many things. Two of the top are Elvis Presley and eating ribs. The ribs are out of this world good. So, I am walking along and this big Oldsmobile pulls up. The driver gets out, sets his perimeter alarm so that nobody can get within five feet of it. He walks about twenty feet to get his order of carry out ribs at a back street grill. On his way back to the car I start a conversation with him and he stops in his tracks to tell me about the car. Isn’t that a car lover?

The car was redone several years ago and with the warm Memphis nights, he loves to drive it with the top down. But, he is smart enough to take precautions so nobody else gets to driving it in the Memphis nights!

He said he had the big 455 engine and I could see the interior was in great shape. The engine idled very nice and I asked if I could take two quick pictures. I said quick as his ribs were piping hot and who likes cold ribs? So, I snapped the pictures and wished him well. But, before he left he asked me if I was in town long. I said no and wondered why. He said he had some friends with beautifully restored cars like his he would be glad to show me in the upcoming days. Now, think that through. I am a stranger to him and yet he says he will show me some more cars that will blow my mind. That my friends is the car hobby.

I wish we could have gone over the next day but the other four in my group had to be at the airport early like me. And, I was suffering from some sort of eye malady that was causing blurry vision as well. My point is the obvious one. Car lovers are all over the world. They love to share there stories and of course the rides. We have a unique love in our car world that is universal. You can travel to about anywhere and find another person that shares your passion. It’s a great life.


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