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The Joys Of Owning Dual Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

It turns out many collectors live to have an old and a new car. That includes me. It’s cool to look at and drive the older one and then step up to the newer one later.

Sure, if you have a Camaro, Mustang, Charger, Challenger and say a Corvette, the lineup is possible. But what about the Road Runner folks and the others left out? Too bad.
Obviously having a dual also means you need money and space. And then you need patience and confidence. For me when I drive the newer one I feel nothing could go wrong. But, as we all know when you own an older car things can go wrong and need constant maintenance. So, when I drive the older one I feel a bit edgy.

Now for the really wealthy guys they have one from every decade. That leaves most of us out due to just the money side but it’s a dream we all would like to fulfill. Imagine though having a ’37 Caddy and a 2017 Caddy?


The generational gap cannot be explained. It’s hard enough to look at how much cars have changed just from the 1970’s. And thank goodness they have. It’s like watching an old rerun on TV. Remember the original Hawaii Five O in the 70’s? We watched it all the time. I saw the original show recently on MeTV and it was almost impossible to watch. Thin plot, average acting, and poor action scenes. Like the cop hiding behind a tin garbage can as protection from a guy in a window with a rifle. Sure. Step up to the new Hawaii Five O and it’s a much better experience. But just like the TV shows of the time, they have a certain character and appeal which cannot be replicated today. Just like in another 40 years with whatever is on the road we will back at the cars today what they stood for. Makes me wonder what a 2056 Camaro, Mustang and Challenger will look like??


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