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Can The 2017 Camaro Keep Up With The Pack?

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By Mark Weisseg

The Camaro is now fifty years old with the introduction of the 2017 models. We all, well almost all of us loved the older Camaros from 1967, 68,69 and 70. After that the car went through many changes. It even left us for a while but it did roar back with a vengeance to get back into the pony car wars. The magazines and press went wild with love. The car was featured on all sorts of venues and the love fest was on again. Of course the comparisons started right away. Camaro versus Mustang, Camaro versus Challenger, Camaro versus anything!

Now the problem. The car may have a blurry future. Huh? Well, truth be told the sales are not as good as expected. The car is lightening fast again and the comparisons are nearly a monthly gig. The problem? I stated it already. Sales.

If you load up the car with options you come very close to a base Corvette. If you test drive the Camaro against the Mustang or Challenger you have an issue. You see many people just like the other two better. They really like the Stang over the Camaro all day long.

With all three companies churning out top flight pony cars the competition is bare knuckles. Each trying to out do the other with handling, horsepower, and pricing. But drive a Mustang GT350 and it’s hard to consider anything else. Now the rumors are out that the GT500 may return with bigger and better everything and, of the three nobody spends money like Mopar promoting the Hellcat engine.

Has the Camaro already got long in the tooth? I mentioned I rented one a couple of years ago and could not wait to get rid of it. Maybe if I am lucky I will be able to drive a 2017 soon and see what I think now.

In the way back department of last year I mentioned I was at the Chicago car show. I was interested in buying a pony car in spring. I sat in all three I mentioned above. The Challenger placed second to the Mustang and the Camaro was a distant third. I bought the Mustang, but I want the Camaro to live and breath. I want sales to be strong and I want the competition to be brutal. Why? It makes them all better cars.

Nothing like a good fight to find out what your weaknesses are so that when you return to fight next year you are better prepared. Let’s just sit back and watch the big three fight in 2017 and the sales champion will be the best car. At least for that year.

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