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By Mark Weisseg

I am writing this in mid December as the snow has begun its way to the ground. We have not seen the sun in two weeks for more than an hour. Our classic cars are tucked away again for the long winters nap and tensions are up. For those of us living in the snow belt we dream of blue skies and sunshine.

I saw this picture and I immediately began rehearsing in my head how I will feel next spring. Who ever built this dream garage you see here has struck the right cord with me. Imagine if you had a separate building that you could enjoy. You park the cars you lobe in there and know they are safe.

You bought some signs and treasures that reflect your love for our hobby. No, you are not some super rich person with money dangling from your pockets. You worked hard for your possessions. Now, at this stage of your life you understand your time is running out. Not that you have minutes to live but time is against you in the long run.

So, you built what you thought would make you happy. Your classics are not priceless vehicles that are hidden away from the human touch. No, you drive your cars and enjoy them. You have made new friends in this hobby that share your love. Now, even though it is winter you know you have a common bond with thousands of people.

Is it wrong to buy the items that bring you joy? You know you could spend that money on a new kitchen, maybe a better vacation, or possibly return to school to further your knowledge base. All of the above are great choices. But, you and I are not built that way.

Rest assured you are doing what brings you happiness. Not everyone understands your hobby but they respect you and your decisions. Owning a ’74 Caprice or a ’68 Impala will never make you wealthy. What it will do is make you happy. Yes, turning that key is sunshine to the soul.

Don’t fret over someone having a better car than you. Just enjoy what you have. Some of us grew up with a burning desire to own a certain model car. Hopefully you can earn that car and can share your happiness. But, let’s be real. Not everyone can buy and build a beautiful garage that you see in this picture. Not everyone can own more than one car at a time. It’s okay.

Be who you are and enjoy your fast muscle car. Enjoy and share the hobby with others. I dreamed as a child of owning three different kinds of vehicles. Luckily today I own those three. I cannot believe it at times but I do. Is there more I want to own? Of course but my selection process takes longer today. After all one cannot drive two at the same time.

So, what do you do when you finally get your classic you always wanted? Well, for me it was a time of reflection. How did I do it? What did I give up to get them? What do I do from here? And finally, how do I share my cars with other people?

So, my message today is to accept what comes your way. Make next year more special than this year. Don’t make resolutions you will drop by February first. Track down that fast muscle car you always desired. Figure out a way to make it your very own. Be happy and share your muscle car with others.

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