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Corvair Vehicles, Now A Collector’s Love

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By Mark Weisseg

We once laughed at these cars. Noisy, small, slow and Ralph Nader clearly was smarter than General Motors. No more laughing. Now people love this car. It’s cute, fun, collectible and Ralph was wrong for the most part. Yes the engine is in the back so traction is good if you are dumb enough to drive it in snow. Now I mean that in a nice way.

At one time people who owned Corvairs drove them year round. Now we know it’s a collectible and I have never seen one in the snow. The owners have wised up and realized it is a cool little car and driving it in harsh weather is a bad idea.
I see more and more of them at car shows. Now for me personally it looks hard to get in and out of. I say that as a six foot four two hundred seventy five pound guy. Maybe I am wrong but it just looks like I would need to crawl in and out of them.

This past summer while walking down a row of classic cars, a Corvair wheeled in with three grown men in it. I stopped in my tracks and just watched the guy park the car. As he existed I plowed him with questions. Was it a Corvair Monza? Was it original? And so on and so on. I studied the car I used to laugh at. Now, I dig them. I even saw a Corvair station wagon this year. How cool was that? So, my point is the obvious. The Corvair got a bad rap. We all know that now. Today they are fun, collectible and worth a look if you desire to get in our hobby for minimum money. I really hope I see more and more of them this year.

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