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The Dodge Challenger, Built For Straight Line Power

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By Mark Weisseg

The Plymouth Barracuda is one of the standout vehicles of the muscle car generation.

I will say this ’70 Cuda is one sweet car. But why? Okay, lots of power. Is that it? Maybe, as the interior is nice with a pistol grip but visibility is weak. Well is it all about power? Yes, of course. Just like today’s Challengers with the 707 horsepower Hellcat engine, the interior comfort is just ok. As a matter of fact the car is a bit bulky.

Not the best in turns or tight corners but, I spoke to an owner of one of these and it does not matter. The owners are looking for straight line va room. And they have it whether it is a ’70 Cuda or a 2017 Challenger with the monster engine.

Is this sleeper from 1970 fooling anyone today? No. But back in 1970 one would not be sure if under the red hood lies a monster or a slant six. You would find out in short order if you gave that driver a nod.

A friend of my brothers had a Cuda back in the day but it was not a monster. Just a really cool car. Today, the 70 Cuda has soared in value. It’s amazing what these cost today. Now the 2017 will have AWD  and or launch control. I have launch control in my 2013 Shelby. Hmmm. Do I expect a huge sales bump because of these two options? No. I suspect that if FCA ever brings back a two door Cuda or Charger with a Hellcat, sales will soar. Heck, I might even stick my nose in the tent. But, at my age there is no storing it and waiting twenty five years for the value to jump. If I were to buy it I would smoke those rear tires off in less than 3,000 miles. If that long.

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