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Car Restoration: Gaining Motivation

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a typical American garage with a car somewhere in the process.

I think we have all been there when we start a project with high hopes and dreams of finishing her on time for the car show cruise season. Instead, this is what happens to all too many. Dust piles up, the tires go flat, tools get scattered and when you walk into the garage all desires to go at the car again get lost.

A solution
There is a solution and it starts with the basics. Put all the tools away. Wash the car. Organize the garage and then leave. Come back another day and when you swing open the door it is an entirely new scene.
They say good way to decide on a important decision, is to gather all the facts, get them in order, then go away and do something completely different. Then decide. It’s the same with sorting out the garage. Get things in order, go do something else, then come back fresh.

You can return to your original plan and start a new. The car in the picture certainly is worth all the work and effort so convince yourself you are doing the right thing. Turn on some music and maybe crack a cold one to get started. You need that push to start again and these simple ideas will work. Now, it’s up to you to stay focused on the task at hand and not get buried again and have the same problem in a short span.

Car restoration can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, especially if you do it all yourself. Focus on small jobs, one at a time, then move on. If you think of everything at once, it’s too much.

Remind yourself you have a darn cool car and that when you are done people will admire your work and many thumbs up will come up your way. Nothing would be worse than selling your project locally only to see some other doofus finish your ride and now show it off to the world.
It’s your baby so get out there and rock that cradle.

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