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Yum Yum, The GTO

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By Mark Weisseg

Many have argued this was the first real Classic fast muscle car in 1964. They have great arguments and I tend to listen to the story but I am not sure I believe it yet. Why? Well, I know some early 60’s Dodge’s and Plymouth’s that had max wedge engines in them that were quite the car. The problem was they did not sell many.

So, if the argument is all the above and the sales are brought to the party then I will agree. The GTO or Goat as it was called was a clear sales winner from ’64 all the way to say ’71. They had powerful V8 engines available along with rag tops and plenty of options.

I will say my favorite GTO is the model years ’69 and ’70 because of the pointed grille. I love that styling cue and when GM brought out “The Judge” sales really came off the hook.
For anyone not clear on the GTO beginnings, it was our friend John DeLorean who tricked his own company into building the GTO. He was eventually a hero for that.
He was also the backbone for the Chevy Vega that was not a good car until they tried the Cosworth Vega. The Cosworth Vega was a good street car but it came too late and the Vega was doomed. DeLorean also brought us the DeLorean car. You know the metal car with a stainless steel skin, used in the Back to the Future movies and became a cult classic. Sorry to say, sales tumbled and John DeLorean got caught up in some bad things that ended his car company and his job status in our industry.
But, let’s focus on his greatest success. The GTO. It’s a marvelous car and it sells like ice water in hell. Go watch or go see an auction for yourself and see this car bring big numbers.

It’s a classic fast car that stood the test of time now and I only wish Pontiac could have survived as well. It’s always bad to see a car company go belly up. Unless it’s Scion.

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