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Muscle Car Talk: Classic or New?

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It’s a question we only had to start asking ourselves a few years ago and this is a prime example.
Should I spring for a new Cobra GT with all the latest gizmos, bells and whistles, or take a ’67 such as this and build it my way?

Both have great styling, both would have great engine power and I assume both would have the safest features you desire. I say that because anyone who would spring for this kind of money in a resto mod would certainly install the best brakes and tires packages.

The cost might be the same for both. In the case of the ’67 you would have the cost of finding the right ’67 to start your build and go up from there.
The new 2016 is done for you but may lack a few things that could be “personal” items. You might want the tach in a different place. Maybe Reco seats are not your style or you prefer a Borla exhaust. The list could be endless but if you just went straight up against a 2016 Mustang GT versus an older 1967 Mustang restomod I still think it would a tough decision. Some would argue only styling mattered and that becomes a personal choice again.

From a website that usually promotes the classics, it almost seems like heresy considering a new muscle car over an old one, but it really comes down to priorities and what you want from a car. Budget is usually the biggest factor, then time and resources. Many times it simply which one you prefer as an all-round car. A well maintained classic can be equally as good a daily driver as a new car, but may need more regular maintenance. However, a new car may set you back more money than it does need a service.

I am sure there are loads of discussions on both sides. This might be a good question at your next Mustang club get together as I am sure this gets batted around once in a while. New vs old. Spy vs spy and all that fun stuff.

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