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Car Talk: The United States Of Muscle

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By Mark Weisseg

Not your typical picture of a fast muscle car but of a map of the United States instead. Why?

When you are in our hobby its best to have friends all over the country as your representatives. You cannot be everywhere at once so build a network of contacts for yourself. Cloning would be great if possible but at this stage it’s only a dream.
In my case, I have friends on the west coast, Arizona, up in North Dakota, the mid west, the south as far as the Carolinas and the east coast. I need a southern Florida friend yet and it would great to have one in Texas. Lots of great cars in Texas and south Florida so I need to step up my game there.

Tracking down that elusive car
The reasoning of course is simple. I cannot be everywhere and having friends out there willing to go look at something for me is a bonus.
Once they get there then they can FaceTime me and do a walk around with the camera and I get to see what they see live. No more driving eight hours and finding out the ’69 Corvette L88 is a piece of crap and not even an L88. The system does have some flaws but it sure beats the alternative.
This obviously applies to anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, a contact or two can save the day, even on the other side of the planet.

Give it a thought and build your base if you are serious about finding that next prized car. Having representation in your name is a big darn deal and may help strike a better deal when the seller knows you are very serious and not a tire kicker.

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