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By Mark Weisseg

I had the itch for one of these Nash cars since I was a boy. In short I was living in Chicago in 1967 when a blizzard crippled the city. Schools were closed, trucks stalled, and the roads were impassable.

After a few days the city got on its feet and used everything to plow the roads. Garbage trucks with plows on them, front loaders, and anything that could have a plow on the front. In our neighborhood the men and boys grabbed the shovels and pitched in to free up the cars and streets as well. Food was getting a little low so a decision was made for someone to drive to the nearest A&P grocery store.

A few men saw a Nash that was free of the snow and decided to pick it up and move it to the street so the owner could get moving. I am unsure why but somehow I landed up in the passenger seat of the car and off we went on a mission of mercy. The driver drove slow as the roads were still in poor shape but again the city was slowly coming back to life.

Fast forward to the year 2013 and I had an opportunity to buy one of these little cute cars so I did. I drove it very close to home for a while until I felt brave enough to take it to its first car show. Upon arrival I was swamped with on lookers and people who thought the car was cute. It was cute but it also had many flaws. The brakes were weak, the steering was loosy goosy and the little four banger under the hood was way underpowered.

Regardless, it was a car that was on my bucket list for a while and now I had it. The car has a international following and I am witness to the fact that when you drove this car down the street everyone smiled, waved, and gave you the thumbs up.

But, there was another issue. I am six foot three and two sixty five pounds. Getting low and into that car was worth the price of admission. A neighbor said he bet his wife I could not get in it. Well, I did so now they bet if I could get out without assistance from a come a long. I did get out but soon realized I could not keep this car in my collection. It was a pleasant memory but I knew I would not drive it much. I feared a kid in a jacked up four wheel drive truck would hit me broadside and kill me. The cemetery would just dig a little hole and they would push me in for my eternal rest.

I challenge you to live your dream and fulfill your bucket list, but please be careful the dream does not turn into a nightmare.

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