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My Turkey Pick Cars From the 70’s.

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By Mark Weisseg

I decided to pick my losers for the biggest turkeys of the seventies. I am only going to pick ten with number one being my worst car of the seventies. I could make a list of the top twenty but you will have enough after ten. I know you will not agree one hundred percent but please indulge me and enjoy.

10.Ford Falcon. Good car but lost to the Stang.
9. Plymouth Arrow. Yes it was cute but a bomb.
8. Caddy diesel. A gas engine converted. Disaster.
7. Ford Maverick. Yuk. Dull. Boring, and rust prone.
6. Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Slow, ugly, and awful driver.
5. Gremlin. Ugly, weird, and people felt for you.
4. Vega. Rust bucket, pieces fell off while driving.
3. Chevette Diesel. No words to describe how bad .
2. Pinto. Hit from behind? KA BOOM.
1. Pacer and Pacer wagon with fake wood panels.
This turkey is so bad I could write a book on it. First of the bubble cars, extremely ugly inside and out. Has zero value today. You pay the scrap yard to take it away. Neighborhood eye sore. People felt sorry for you. Promotions cancelled at work. Never a rental car even at the dollar a day fleet. Lousy car, bad decision making, sales people stunned you bought it.

We all know that these cars can be customised and made far better than the originals. There are many examples out there to prove that point. Examples like the Gremlin were many people’s first car and conjure up many social, happy memories, but these are the memories wrapped around the car, not about the car itself. breaking down for hours at a time with friends when you are young is frustrating, but also fun and exciting. Not as much when you’re in your 50s!

But this is about the stock cars as they came from the factory and the general opinions about these at the time.

There you go, so if you have a better list, please comment below.

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