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Muscle Car Talk: The Big Ford Boss 302

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By Mark Weisseg

Few cars grab your attention like a Boss 302. Heck, this is a 1970 and today in the year 2016 you can walk into a Ford dealer and buy a Mustang with a 5.0 or 302. The engine is called a Coyote today for marketing purposes but it’s a 302. It was a winner back then and a huge sales champion today.

Ford has gone full circle again with the Mustang. Now you can order a four cylinder again, a six cylinder and a couple of V8’s.
Top of the line today is the GT-R model that really set the automotive world upside down. Now, rumors are floating once again you may be able to get a GT500 in a year or so with 800 hp. It follows Fords cycle in this car. It seems they know the magic that the Mustang buyers want, and when they want it. But this hot rod from 1970 is a boss.
Highly sought after today and priced accordingly. The only Mustang that may be priced higher would be the Mustang 429 or better known as the 9. But, Ford did not make as many 429’s, so the Boss 302 runs away with the popularity contest. Red seems to be the favorite color and if it has a black interior you have it all.
This white one surprised me. White with a black interior. Normally I am not a white color hot rod guy but this has some great factory black stripes that enhance the car.

So, the question I always seem to get as a fellow Mustang owner is if I would rather have this old Boss or my current Mustang?
Very hard question to answer but if I had to choose I would go with the newer one. Yes, at my age the creature comforts outweigh the bad ass factor. Again, I would love to own this Boss 302 and enjoy it to its fullest but, I am not 18 anymore and my body cannot take hours on end in this car. To a cruise or a show and a little buzzing around town maybe but for me at least I could not take an all day long trip.

But, what an amazing car and who ever buys this is going to be a very lucky person.

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