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Muscle Car Talk: Three Steps To Drop Dead

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Drop dead as in gorgeous. I have always been a huge fan of the ’63 split window Corvette like this one and only model year. Yes, one and done per GM. Why?

GM had internal arguments about this split window car and the big boss got his way for the ’64 model. No more split window coupe. So, for all of us that like the ’63 the values skyrocketed over the years.
You could buy one with a 327ci. engine and some snubbed there noses at the small horsepower. Then you could buy one with the big 427 V8 and everyone got happy. Interestingly thought, not everyone wanted huge horsepower. But in the classic car world today it is all about big horses.
The 327 was a great engine and rolls down the road just fine. But when you look at resale values even today the price is steady under 100 grand. Get the big horsepower and watch the ticker jump over a hundred grand easily.

My only issue with this Corvette and many in that era is the interior. It has a big steering wheel and folks I am here to tell you that the interior is tight. If you are tall like me it’s a strain to get in and out of these mid year cars.
The styling cues back from the ’63 to the ’67 are beautiful. I wish they would have kept the split window another year or two but it was canned right after it started. Drivers complained of poor visibility back in the day and many thought it was ugly. Funny how time changes many minds. It’s like Florida. If you do not like the weather, wait ten minutes. That is the Vette story. The car changed a lot over the years and at times it was boring or slow like in the 80’s but then if you could wait a while the designers would ramp it up again. How long have we heard about a mid engine Corvette? Years now is the answer.

But the 63 was simple, graceful and with the right set up was pretty darn fast in its day. For all of you that don’t care for the split window just watch the prices of these at sale time. Someone loves them as they keep selling and changing hands. I hope my hands get in on this someday too.

By Mark Weisseg

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