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A Nice Safe, Comfortable Bel Air

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By Mark Weisseg

The classic car world cannot do much better than this. Station wagon at one time were frowned upon. Now, station wagons are hip and everything is alright in the world. See, that was easy.

Seriously, the Bel Air and Nomads are fetching triple digits on the classic car circuit. I agree they are nice and comfortable, safe, and pretty but, back in the day the thought of buying a wagon was to carry kids and all there stuff. I know kids love getting in from the back door as it was cool to look at everyone behind you but getting in and out up front was tough.

Most people bought four door wagons for ease of use. Ma and Pa up front, the lousy kids in the back seat and “stuff” thrown in the rear compartment. It was a bit tough to get Grandma in the back seat by moving the seat back forward on one of the two front seats but that is how it was done.

Sales were soft then but now they are treasured.
Find a Nomad or a Bel Air and you hit the lottery. Drop a in huge crate engine, paint it some wild color, throw on wide tires and a pumping stereo and you got yourself a road king.

Back in the days of the 50’s the car was for Ward Cleaver. You know, soft gentle ride on a beautiful city road, sun softly gleams through the windshield, two beautiful children sitting in the back coloring and Mom, sitting up front in her dress and high heels. All to go to the school for open house. What a dreamy car.

Oh times have changed and yes I wish it was sort of like that today but it isn’t. Today, if you get your hands on one of these you don’t think like the 50’s you think what you can do to make this car the baddest around town. I love that rear glass in this car but dig deep if you break that curved piece of glass. Good luck finding anyone who is willing to do it.
I recall when we had wagons and we had to crank the rear windows down. It was like submerging a submarine. I sprung for a newer used wagon and it was electric window in the back. I felt I was rich and of course played with that switch constantly.

Bel Airs are cool. Maybe not a power house, but now the wagon is as cool as any.


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