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One Cool Dodge Coronet

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The Dodge coronet was built between 1949 to 1959, the 1965 to 1976.
It didn’t really start to get its muscle car stripes until the fifth generation, 1965 to 1970.

The front plate of this dodge Coronet looks like a British plate, so someone over there is obviously cherishing this car.

This car has the standard 440 engine and the factory scoop. Why a scoop some might ask? Well, to get as much air as possible into the carbs. More fresh air in, more power out. Very easy to figure out but what was not easy to figure out is why someone would have this huge engine under the hood and a 727 automatic transmission and all the power you could ask for. Then, get cheap, skinny tires and dog dish hub caps. Now, today we call it the sleeper look as if nobody is going to notice that full length hood scoop.

I happen to love cars like this. You wander out, put your key in, give a couple of pumps of the gas pedal and the monster comes alive. Then, in most cases slip it into ‘d’ and go. Some had four speeds and bucket seats and a few more had four speeds and a bench seat. Some cars like this one just remind me of a simpler time where my brother and I would go out and look for a Chevy 396’s and blow it’s doors off. Then quietly slip it home and nobody was the wiser.

Remember, these were sold as intermediate cars. Big trunks, large back seat, am radio, vent windows and sleek styling. But under that soft touch was a beast about to roar if you needed to see the gas gauge move in the wrong direction.

Shape the sale online, which won’t break the bank, but if you want an example with say a 426ci. Hemi V8 or a
440ci. Magnum V8, then they start to approach the price point of the rest of the breed.

By Mark Weisseg

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