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Wow, How Police Cars Have Changed

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By Mark Weisseg

What I really wanted to discuss the changes in these Police cars. Remember when we all were in awe of a Police Interceptor engine? It proclaimed that the engine was stronger and faster than the normal engine you had.

When you go back in history at look at the cars used by law enforcement it’s sort of funny. They would buy a car at the local dealership and paint it black and white. Add a red light and a police radio. Then, as time marched on you could see a change. A change that is military like. Over the years they have added cages, a zillion lights all over the cars, run flat tires, bullet proof glass, gun racks and much more.

I was reading earlier this week about a police force that will use high end sport cars for the power. Now, we have seen that before with the use of Mustangs, Camaros and now Chargers with the Hemi engine. It just allows them to drive in the fast lane of the interstate more comfortably. All I hear is that the police really don’t want high speed chases as it usually lands up hurting the innocent people. However, the engines keep getting bigger. At the recent Chicago auto show they had a new police car sitting next to a police car from the 1950’s and I will tell you this.

Some thought it was funny seeing a 1954 Shoebox Ford next to a four door Charger. What I noticed was the new car was set up like Marshall law was being planned. The day of the Dodge Monaco with a set of blue lights, a whip antenna and a police radio are over. The police at one time would shine that little spot light on you but if you have not noticed the change was great. A night time pull over is a light show. You’d swear it was grand opening of another Chicken joint. The lights must be seen from space. And, when the officer gets out of the car his or her belt must weigh thirty pounds with all the gadgets hanging off of it.

I guess I just miss the old days. The Police were our friends, there cars were sort of like ours only a bit faster, and we were at ease with them. Now, the cars are special Made cars. Did you know there is a company out there that only makes special police cars? They are like UPS trucks. What do I mean by that? Take a hard look at a UPS truck. It is not identified as a Ford, International, or Mercedes. It’s just shit brown. For some reason they have the OEM take the badging off. But as for the police cars. Here is what to do. Don’t break the law and you will only see them at shows. That means no street racing, burn outs, and other dumb acts behind the wheel.

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