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By Mark Weisseg

Okay, I am guilty of loving these cars. I got a kick out of the license plate that states ‘future classic.’ Friends, it’s already a classic. I know as I own one and the prices jump all the time. But what really hurts is when you need a part. There are a few reputable parts sources for these cars so that when you do buy a part it’s gonna hurt. If you have been reading my articles you may remember I had to buy a plastic piece that ran from the headliner near the RF door.

It is a sliver of a piece that goes from the headliner to the top of the dash. I could only buy it as a set. And, they came only in black. So, I had to buy special primer, and then the real paint. After all the parts were shipped it was just over two hundred dollars. And I was the one who had to prime it , paint it and install it. And, I had the left side still in plastic form and did not need it. So, I stored it. Just over two hundred bucks. That is how I am going to judge classics from now on.

The parts suppliers had me by the jewels and knew it. So, I had to buy it. Turns out most things for a 68,69 and 70 Roadrunner are expensive. Why? Duh. They are the most popular years of course. I am heading to a super secret auction in August as I know they have a 70 RR that needs some work. If I can buy it cheap enough I will alert all the parts sources so they can up there inventory and buy that new boat or vacation home. If you recall a friend of mine for over 40 years stumbled into a 69 RR in a garage and finally shared a picture with me.

I have been bugging him to death about the RR as it is a convertible and needs a lot of body work. Right up my alley. But, he told me to hold my horses until after he completes his dead wife’s 69 Chevelle he had restored to new. Yes, I knew his wife as we all went to high school together. She was a rare, beautiful woman of grace. She passed about nine years ago now and my buddy had her beloved Chevelle restored for her. So, once he gets that on the road he promises this fall he and I will go get this RR and decide who gets it. So, between that deal and my secret auction for a 70 RR I may be swimming in them. Or, all may fall through. I still have my completely restored 69 that I love and I hope nothing breaks. I hate buying vacation homes and boats for parts suppliers. I am used to doing that for ex wives.

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