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1962 Shelby CSX2032, Wow!

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1962 Shelby CSX2032, Wow!


Shelby Cobra CSX2032 or Lance Reventlow Cobra.
Price: US $1,199,900.00 (21st July 2015)

If you’re a Shelby fan, this car should stop you in your tracks.
Firstly, the amount of back history and documentation which comes with this car is extensive at the least. The ad. itself reads more like a storybook than documentation, so the real-life paperwork should be a very detailed account from its birth to present day.
This car is definitely in the museum/specialist collectors price band, but it’s really what you would expect from a vehicle this rare.
Once you are into this price band for muscle cars, it’s arguably down to how much potential buyers are willing to spend rather than how much the car is worth, but that’s the market and we can only see it going up in future years.

‘A culmination of a painstaking two year research project. The project was completed via internet searches, document discoveries, correspondence with Cobra experts and former owners, and provenance supplied by all involved.This is the real story of CSX2032, backed by actual period documentation, prior owners statements, current owner disclosures, never before seen SAAC documentation, chassis documentation, and race photos never before made public.’

History of the Shelby CSX2032
‘There were 998 true original Cobras manufactured in the Sixties. Only 73 were fitted with the 260 Cu. In. engines. CSX2000 was the prototype chassis. CSX2032 is the 32nd scheduled Cobra for manufacture, and one of only 73 produced with the 260 Hi-Po engine. 75 were scheduled for production. However, CSX2044 and CSX2074 were held up in production. They were eventually delivered with 289 engines.’

CSX2032 can be correctly labeled “The Lance Reventlow Cobra.”
CSX2032 left the factory with a 260 Cu. In., 260HP Hi-Po engine.
As optioned, CSX2032 can be correctly described as “Factory Competition Optioned.”
CSX2032 is one of only seventy three 260 Cu. In. Cobras, of that one of 62 street cars.
CSX2032 has a winning race record from 1977-1978, first made public in May, 2015.
CSX2032 has a more lengthy ownership history than most, but all are documented.
Currently a 289 Cu. In. engine built to Hi-Po type specs is installed in the car.
Extensive documentation and historical provenance is in the possession of both SAAC and several previous owners. Take note that many other documents in our possession are proprietary, and will be displayed to serious buyers only.
CSX2032 still maintains original body, frame, and chassis.
Although several upgrades and modifications have been added, all parts and components are proper and correct Shelby Cobra.



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