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Would You Buy Christine?

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By Mark Weisseg

Looking at this picture can make you laugh if you have seen the movie Christine. It’s hard to imagine any one in the free world hasn’t. But, the picture has another implication. That is if you see a car in the woods all neglected then just run! Run so that you do not fall in love with a car in the weeds.

By the time you pull it out and look over everything that needs to be done your bank account and physical well being will be shot. Just a side note. I had a 59 Nash Metropolitan that I parked intentionally in a weeded area at my house. Within three days the mice moved into the trunk and under the hood. Three days! So, imagine now a car sitting for twenty years or so? You would have had the original mice, their children and grandchildren and there children and their grandchildren.

It would haven been the best home an entire generation of mice have ever lived, now, throw in a few snakes, bugs, birds, and other animal beasts that took cover. In another worlds Chumley you need to take this cat off the frame and do a nut and bolt restoration. Cha Ching, Cha Ching. I see tears and sore backs and the mumbling of a man that once stood tall and square, now a shorter man with thicker glasses and a short temper. So, if you see it, run and then go flush your eyes out and for assurance and have someone put a plumbers plunger up to your ears and start pumping. Maybe it will suck out any memories of you giving this any though in the first place.

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