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How We Used To Sell Our Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

The left side window has that terrible sign in the window we all used at a one time. For Sale and then a phone number. That is how we did it. We parked it on a major road and hoped someone would drive along and catch their eye. These are the days before cell phones so we relied on the land line. I will lay bets who ever owned this car back then is sore today. Sore today? Sure, kicking themselves in the ass over and over again for years makes your sore. Most of us have done it.

Heck, I have sold cars and trucks and regretted it before they left my sight. That is why I like keeping my cars original because once you change them they are gone forever. Obviously if I was a big fat slob like you see at some of the auctions it would make me sick. They sit there in the gold zones and like a king bidding on the car. Then they act out how the auctioneer should hammer it sold for them. The rest of us poor slobs hope some now to put together 25-35k so we can haul it home in our rented u haul. In the old days when you bought a car like this you dealt with the owner via land line and made arrangements to come over and test drive it. Once the short drive was over you shook hands and it was done. Then, you had to meet at a official of the state to switch paper work and make it legal.

Today. You go to an auction, pay 500 bucks to be seen as a gold boy and young pretty girls bring you watered down drinks. Then, when you see the car you want you don’t even get out of the seat. You wink, you nod, you lift a finger, or better yet, have a rep be the guy that bids for you. Yes, you are too important and cannot be seen at this low level event. Have your boot lickers call you Mister in front of the cameras and asshole behind your back. Have we become so self absorbed we have people do what is so easy to do? What about big important things?

Folks, it’s about buying a car. Not exactly a world changing event. If you don’t get the car there will be another. But, the gold big shots always get there way. If you think I am paying five hundred bucks to look important you are sadly mistaken. We are just bidding on a car. Just like the old days. Someone has a car you want, you make a reasonable offer and you buy it. You don’t need bright lights, cameras and get people to bring you watered down drinks. The seen to be seen crowd have driven up the prices of what you and I want because the fat cats can and we can’t. It just makes me want to go the gold seating area and tell the big shots to lick there own boots.

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