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The Chevrolet IROC Z

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By big Mark Weisseg

For all you young folks out there the IROC Z was a huge hit. Not only was the car a bad ass on wheels but NASCAR even had a IROC series. Yes, they would put about eight or so professional drivers out on the track with IROC cars. The best racer for the IROC series was good old Mark Martin. He’s retired now but at one time he was an ironman. He raced everything and when it came to these cars he was a true champion and gentleman. I loved watching these cars racing each other. All the big names would race. Trust me folks, it was a big big deal. It sold tons of IROC cars for consumers. If you were wheeling around town in a IROC Z car you were living right. The cars were so cool with the stripe packages and the V8 under the hood. The car was not rocket ship fast as it suffered from emission laws. But, some guys would drain the pellets from the exhaust or disconnect certain devices and claim they had increased horsepower. I am not sure I believe that but I do know I love that car. The interior was cool, some had T tops to remove and they had great honeycomb wheels and big fat Goodyear tires. GM sold tons of these cars but like anything else it had its time and began to fade. NASCAR cancelled the IROC racing series and sales began to lose the grip they once had. Finally, the end was near.

Today, the IROC cars are hot again. You just have to find them and restore them. It’s a goal worth achieving as a whole new generation can enjoy this car. For those General Motors fans these were great cars. Again, not super fast on the street but they were so cool looking. If you were a guy with one of these cars you had an automatic chick magnet. Let’s face it. She could go to the school dance with Larry and his Chevy Vega or with you, Mr. disco pants and be seen by everyone as you slowly wheel into the lot. Poor Larry and his Vega landed up with the husky Martha and enough perfume to knock over the house while you got hotsy totsy Linda in her skin tight jeans and halter top. Gulp. It’s easy to see who was staying out after the dance and getting more than a peck on the cheek. Poor Larry had to help Martha get that seat belt retractor all the way over the hump. Sorry Lar.

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