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World Threat: Mustangs Out Of Control

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By Mark Weisseg

Like you I’ve seen video after video of Mustangs leaving car shows and crashing. We’ve included one for you here.
If you study the five-minute video, you see that nearly every car leaves unscathed. It’s just the one car or guy that spoils the experience.

Do the cars have brains of there own and decide to crash into fences, trees, other cars, as well as people? It’s like asking your dentist why your teeth are black and falling out after drinking fourteen Mountain Dews a day.

I own two Mustangs and never did the cars ever decide to drive on there own terms. Never did I get in and like the Plymouth Christine did the car decide now would be a good time to fish tail in front of large crowds.
When I leave my car show on Friday nights the kids line up at the right turn and on the long straight away with cell phone in hand. They are not talking to Mom. Nope, they are filming you in hopes of you doing something very stupid. Yes, they cannot wait to post your car fishtailing and your eyes as big as saucers as you smoke up the road heading toward the bushes or trees. Our show has tried to stop this by: placing a real police car near the road. Making public announcements during the show, and staging people who volunteer at the shows to stand there and watch for the fool hardy.

Now, I admit I have thought about it in the past but my grown up side of my brain said No. That side is very small and rarely ever gets used but it’s there.
It just seems that it’s the Mustang owners who like to crash after a show. Why? Why Mustangs? Why not Camaro’s or those mighty Hellcat owners? Golly, if any car can go fast in a straight line it’s a Hellcat. Why don’t I see them crash into a building or similar?

I have studied this long and hard for at least six minutes until I got distracted by a bumble bee or a fly. The whole thing was funny at one time but now the whole thing is not funny. Mustangs are piling up like bricks at a building show. The drivers are embarrassed and get hefty fines.

As we all know, It’s the driver folks. You don’t give loaded guns to babies, you don’t put grease on the steps of the old folks home, you don’t go to the School of the blind and give away books. Some things are just common sense items. Let’s stop this terrible trend of leaving a car show and trying to drive through a building. Now, I like burnouts and I love fast cars but put the two together and an inexperienced driver and you are stirring up T R O U B L E. This is the key. Experience of handling. As Spiderman said, ‘great power comes great responsibility.’ He said that driving a Mustang…joke.

I will just leave you with a great album title by Jimi Hendrix, ‘Are You Experienced?’

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