Why Muscle Car Drivers Are The Best And This Guy Is Not One

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By Dave Ashton

This video on the surface seems to be one of those Cars and Coffee events where a car exits (usually a Mustang for some reason!), loses control and causes some sort of crash. This one shows a similar event, the tail end flipping out, the car crossing both lanes, then smashing into the side of an oncoming vehicle. All captured on video to be posted to the masses.

The problem here is that stomping on the gas in a rear wheel drive car will always want to make the rear end flip out, especially in older cars without any traction control. Even then, a rear wheel drive vehicle still wants to do its own thing when you step on the gas. Just like taking a toy car and pushing it from the rear, the car will invariably go where your finger is pointing and pushing and usually in the opposite direction from the front of the car. This takes more skill and experience to handle and gives a more thrilling driving experience than front wheel drive cars. This is why seasoned muscle car owners learn to handle their vehicles and learn how to counter the rear-end movement. This proves the point that it’s down to the driver and not car in all these scenarios.

Back in the day when everything was rearwheel drive, everybody learnt how to handle that pushing feeling, rather than being pulled along as is the case with a front wheel drive car. Now the experiences isn’t so widespread with the majority of vehicles being frontwheel drive.

Having 400 HP+ going to the back wheels with only an old school differential to keep you planted needs driving skill. So no matter the make or model of car, if it’s rearwheel drive of any age, it’s about learning to drive the thing before you put pedal to metal otherwise the rear end will start to do the steering for you.

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