The History Of Dodge Vs. Ford

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By Dave Ashton

Brand rivalry and allegiance can run deep for a car fan and much of this can stem back to the origins of the companies themselves. Dodge and Ford have woven in and out of each other’s histories from day one and this short video gives you a nice re-cap of both companies, how they crossed paths and the results which echo even today.

The Dodge Bros. and Henry Ford were both talented machinists and were both from Michigan. With the size of Ford today and the reputation of Henry Ford as a person, you would think this automotive powerhouse was ahead of the game from the beginning. However, it was the Dodge Brothers who initially had the financial resources to see the potential of Henry Ford and his ideas while others wouldn’t even touch him with a prop. shaft after a few failed attempts at building a car company.

As with all innovative, creative types, they soon parted to go their own ways, but the partnership allowed Henry Ford to build the model T and the Dodge Bros. to produce the foundations of their company and make a nice tidy profit from Ford at the same time.

Both parties could be seen as pioneers, forward thinkers and eccentrics and although present-day Mopars and Fords seem poles apart, the early days had more in common than we may initially think. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could resurrect both the Dodge Bros and Henry Ford to see what they thought of their vehicles today, like the GT500, Dodge Demon, Mustang, Charger and even some of the atrocities they made the mid-80s!

Check out the full video as it gives a great overview of how both these companies came into being and the standards they set for today.

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