2018 Dodge Challenger Demon vs Nissan GTR

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By Dave Ashton

This is what we want to see as muscle car fans. A Dodge Demon blitzing a R35 Nissan GTR (oops, spoilers!) at Bandimere Speedway, Morrison Colorado at nearly 6000 feet above sea level. The Demon warms up in the traditional muscle car way of producing a cloud of tire smoke the size of a small moon, then launching with the front end nearly coming off the ground and still winning by a good margin. 10.84 seconds at 127.57mph to the Demon and 11.61 seconds at 122.12 mph for the, eeerrr, other thing.

These aren’t the greatest of times for a drag race, but a win is a win and at altitude.
The R35 Nissan GTR is a great vehicle in itself and there is no point hating on it just for the sake of its brand. It’s just that the Demon has more inherent showmanship than the overly clinical R35 Nissan GTR and as a muscle car website we are clearly rooting for the Demon, which is of course the best anyway out of the box and more ridiculous fun.

It’s a bit like a race between a bulldog and a greyhound. Both are quick off the mark, but it’s far more fun to watch the Bulldog’s bulk of muscle propel forward, win then pop a most muscular pose for good measure at the end. Over the top, bucketloads of power and if treated right, can be just as friendly as anything else out there. The Bulldog also scares the crap out of people just by standing there. It has inate presence and so does the Demon. The Greyhound GTR is very capable, but just a very lanky dog who can’t be bothered fetching a stick between races as its too docile.

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